My name is Nickolas P. Demas and I am a maker, inventor, engineer, and entrepreneur. I love tackling multidisciplinary challenges with top-notch collaborators. In particular, I am drawn to seeking solutions that make people's lives longer, happier, and more productive.

I'm currently a Technical Team Lead at Boston Dynamics.

Having studied Mechanical Engineering through my academic training, I received my BS from Yale College and my SM and PhD from MIT. My expertise is in mechatronics systems, mechanical/product design, and manufacturing. I am particularly seasoned in the development of advanced instrumentation, medical devices, and robotics.

My past work has taken me to Demas Consulting, LLC, Swift-Strap LLC, BioInstrumentation Laboratory @ MIT, Next Medical Products Company, GE Research (formerly Global Research), Department of Physics @ Yale, 3Derm, and Cryomech Inc.

If you are building hardware and would like to chat, please reach out to me via email or on LinkedIn. For recruiters or partnerships, please contact me for my current CV.